Why Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation Software enables companies to better connect with prospects and build relationships through meaningful informational exchange that leads to successful sales activities.

The strategic reasons for this are to increase revenues, improve customer acquisition and build longer-term loyalty through actionable relationships.

The tactics involved are the methods and tools leveraged to deliver on that strategic goal through emails, newsletters, articles, webinars, blogs, white papers, etc.

So, if a company has the ability to send email and newsletters, host weinars and post articles and white papers to their website, then why would they need marketing automation softwar

  • KNOW who’s actively interested in what.
  • FOCUS your attention on prospects who exhibit a greater probability of buying. (indicated by behavior)
  • PERSONALIZE information for relevancy. (given interests displayed by content viewed)
  • SAVE time and maximize resources. (not to mention, eliminate guessing)
  • GET FEEDBACK on communication impact. (whether they click and what they read)
  • INCREASE COLLABORATION with sales (by providing actionable intelligence)
  • SUPPORT SALES activities (because marketing knows what resonates)

You can do something, but what you can learn from what you do, so you can improve the way you do it and get to the “why” faster and better than anyone else trying to get there.

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