Email marketing automaton is important

97 percent of U.S. consumers use email according to Forrester Research and it is the most popular activity online. In fact, sending and reading email is more popular than watching television, according to a study released by Media Screen and Netop.

In a recent survey by Internet Retailer, marketers shared their confidence in email:
64.7 percent of online merchants are conducting more email campaigns than in 2006;
94.5 percent of online retailers are building bigger opt-in email lists;

Almost half of online retailers said email performs better or much better than other programs.
And it’s not only marketers understanding the value of email. According to Forrester Research ‘s report “Email Marketing Comes of Age,” consumers are finding the email channel to be an exceptional method for learning about new products and services:
Consumers who buy products advertised in emails spend 138 percent more online than peers who don’t buy through email; 29 percent of all online consumers buy impulsively immediately following an email offer, rather than waiting.

And according to the American Marketing Association, Mplanet:
Consumers ranked email ahead of traditional media like newspapers, magazines and radio as a good way to learn about new products. Email was ranked third only behind the internet and television

Adding email to the mix helps build on that relationship while managing your customers through the lifetime sales cycle. Email can be used to accomplish multiple objectives:

  • Deliver transactional auto-responders
  • Send free-trial conversion follow-up emails
  • Engage consumers with email newsletters
  • Increase revenue with paid sponsorships or third-party advertisements
  • Reactivate customers with retention and win-back emails

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