Top Five Excuses To Email Your Customers

Here are the five functional reasons to communicate with your customers via email marketing…

5. To fulfill or confirm an order. Can you add some creativity to standard emails? This can be as easy as modifying your template with a holiday theme, or having fun with the messaging.

4. Promote your site, product, or service. When you promote your company, do you tie your USP to a theme? A creative voice gets the most attention in the inbox. Try a few options with your p romotional strategy.

3. Deepen the loyalty to your site or brand. Think about the considerations involved in making your consumers enthusiastic supporters and evangelists of your brand. They need a “container” to carry your message and build on it in their own social mechanisms. Is it a refer-a-friend / share component or an incentive to share?

2. Introduce your brand or acquire a customer. It’s tough to brand amidst the noise of the holiday season. This puts more pressure on you to create great acquisition messaging and programs that are fun, engaging, and have the ability to be shared and syndicated. Whether it’s a list rental, partner email, sponsored email or your own prospect list, this is the time to be creative with themes.

1. Thank them for their patronage. Did you know that the type of email that gets the highest open rate is an apology letter? The personal touch is widely appreciated, yet we reserve it for mistakes only. We all want to be recognized, so personalized notes thanking customers for their patronage to your brand is a worthwhile effort.

The most successful opt-out page I’ve ever seen was for Milwaukee Best Beer. It had a super-attractive female asking if you were sure you wanted to opt out. For men, that was a reaffirmation of why they were on the site in the first place. An opt-out page doesn’t have to be a lost cause. You could have Santa ask them if they are sure they want to be taken off his list. Satire and humor give color to your brand. Play with it and you’ll be amazed at the feedback you get.

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