Plan A Response Before You Take the Lead

Brad Powers, CEO of Response Group, makes some great points in his article published on iMedia Spot entitled 2 Steps to Ensure Lead-Generating Success.

He makes the point that many companies start a lead generation program without thinking about how the leads will be nurtured or measured.

“There are several common missteps that prevent advertisers from maximizing lead-generation opportunities. One example might be a lack of real clarity about how the leads will be measured and monetized initially, much less how the data might be used for re-marketing purposes. Another example is having a very cohesive and quantified plan, but not clearly communicating the goals and metrics that define a campaign’s success to the lead-generation provider.”

He also hits on the importance of marketing automation to quickly respond to customer needs. “… another common misstep is to sit on leads too long without reaching out to consumers who have already expressed interest in a product or service. For example, a month in email time can be an eternity, and a marketer is not only at risk of losing the lead’s interest, but also losing a potential transaction to a competitor in the meantime.”

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