What is a ‘Good Lead’?

One of the biggest challenges most businesses face is a lack of communication between Marketing and Sales on what makes a ‘good lead’.

Many companies do not have a written definition of what good lead looks like. This requires buy in from the sales team and I would ask them the following question.

If you had to call 100 leads by end of the day, what criteria would you look for to determine who to call first?

Responses from sales may look something like this…
– Title – Are they are key decision maker?
– Budget – Can they afford my solution?
– Timeline – When are they going to buy?

Once this definition has been created, marketing can capture the datapoints needed to gather the ‘perfect’ lead.

The most cost effective way to qualify leads is through email marketing automation. By measuring implicit (webite visits, email click through) and explicit actions (phone conversation, email correspondance) you can determine what is a ‘good lead’.

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