Test Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Here are some fundamental elements to review when testing and optimizing an email marketing campaign:

  1. Subject Lines – This is the most important element as this determines whether the consumer will open the message. Three elements you can test: Brand-specific subject lines, action-oriented subject lines and benefit-driven subject lines, which can be combined to test infinite combinations. Add personalization to this and placement (front, middle, end).
  2. Targeting – Which segments will perform best to existing promotions? Variables can include customer location, past purchase, or site behavior.
  3. Promotion – What is the best incentive to offer the customer? Free shipping, 20% off, multiple purchase discounts.
  4. Design – What layout performs the best? Short versions, long versions, use of product images, text links, layout.
  5. Landing Pages – Did the customer convert once they clicked through the email? Minor changes can have dramatic impact on performance.
  6. The Action – What is the response to the data you are collecting? Ask yourself, if “Your sale price is ready to view” performs better than “Get your sale price today” as a subject line test, what action will you take in response?

Marketers that have not performed testing before may find this list a bit overwhelming. I recommend starting with a test on subject lines and gradually work in the other factors.

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