Content Matters for Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software without good content is like a boat without an engine. While there are a growing number of marketers that understand the value of content and are incorporating key industry topics into their early strategic planning, many view the content piece as an after-thought in their marketing automation strategy.

Getting the attention of prospective buyers is becoming more challenging every year, as the amount of webinars, white papers and other thought leadership content offered continues to climb. Marketers have a better chance of generating quality leads by building topics, speakers and media partners into the mix early in the process.

There is a new rule of thumb among content providers called 3/30/3, which refers to the fact that you only have three seconds to attract a browser’s attention, then 30 seconds to get them to read on—and finally, only three minutes for them to follow through with a white paper, case study or other thought leadership piece.

Since content plays such a big role in the success of lead-generation campaigns, I recommend that marketing departments hold quarterly content meetings where they focus on the most relevant topics to their customer and prospect base. And in order to make the most impact, these content discussions should also involve the sales force and perhaps even a customer advisory board.

Readers are searching for content that helps educate them about key business issues. Marketers that stay ahead of the curve on content will ultimately drive more leads—as well as better qualified leads—to their sales team.

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