How to Implement Your CRM

One key element of any marketing automation soution is a solid customer relationship management (CRM) system. Having implemented and Netsuite at 3 companies, I understand the pain of implementing a CRM into an organization.

Patrick Cahill’s makes some great points in his article From Poor To Perfect: 6 Steps For Launching A New CRM Application. Here is brief summary of his tips…

  1. Meet with management and users – Get buy in from Sales, Marketing, etc. on how they will use the CRM.
  2. Map out the process – Look at what happens to a prospect from the first moment they get on the radar to when they sign the deal.
  3. Clean your data – Don’t upload bad data into the system.
  4. Setup your new application – Follow the maps you’ve setup around your process, logic and workflows.
  5. Import your data
  6. Train your users – Don’t expect users to use the CRM. Provide documentation and a help line to help them figure it out (correctly).

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