Key Elements of Effective Lead Nurturing Campaign

Barbara Bix and Tiffany Mura give a good high level overview of important elements to consider in a lead nurturing campaign. Their article, 6 Elements of an Effective Drip Marketing Campaign, reinforces the importance of staying in front of your customers campaigns with consistent communications at regular intervals, to elevate your message above other information that prospects are receiving, and to motivate recipients to “raise their hands” when they are ready to purchase.

Here are the six areas they say an effective drip marketing campaign should have:
1. Clarify Whom You Want to Reach
2. Understand Their Concerns
3. Figure Out Where Your Prospects Get Their Information
4. Use the Correct Message Frequency and Volume
5. Simplify the Message
6. Make Your Messages Consistent

While these are good guidelines to follow, Bix and Mura fail to provide any guidance on HOW to execute these type of campaigns. This is the most important element as most businesses know what they want to say but do not how to get it out in a timely, relevant fashion.

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