Net-Results Enters the Marketing Automation Space

A new comer to the marketing automation industry is Net-Results.  The company targets marketing automation solutions to the small to medium-sized business market and recently announced the release of Net-Results 2.0. 

An integrated SaaS solution, Net-Results identifies Web site visitors, tracks individual visitor activity, deploys automatic email campaigns, and generates new sales leads.  Like other marketing automation companies, Net-Results promises to allow users to focus solely on sales-ready leads, ultimately shortening the sales cycle and increasing conversion.. 

Net-Results users receive detailed information on each Web site visitor, including what links they click on, which pages they view, how long each visit lasts, and which emails they have clicked through during previous, current, and subsequent visits. The email system is fully integrated with the visitor tracking system, allowing seamless monitoring of prospects and customers. 

Pricing starts at $79/month for one user, for up to 1,000 page views; $.015 per email sent. 

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