Gartner Says Segmentation Helps Marketing Automation

According to Gartner, the most productive application of updated segmentation is lead management – particularly automated lead scoring. By converting segmentation criteria into business rules how leads are rated, or scored, providers see an immediate boost in lead volume and lead quality.

“Even those who generate less leads resulting from a tighter, smaller market focus, report higher lead quality, which can help providers close deals faster and improve cash flow,” said Richard Fouts, research director at Gartner. “Segmentation also helps vendors form communities around customers with common interests, which is critical if providers want to take advantage of using social media to create buzz in their target verticals.”

“Many providers want to take advantage of the increased know-how we’ve garnered over the years about lead scoring together with more innovation from technology providers. Before now, the technology and experience was in an immature state that delivered more hype than results. That has changed as many vendors, such as Silverpop, Unica and Eloqua, have improved their offerings for marketing automation. However, initiatives for automated lead management and lead scoring must be preceded by a well thought-out segmentation exercise,” said Mr. Fouts.

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