Manticore Launches Partner Program

Manticore Technology has joined other marketing automation companies like Eloqua in launching a worldwide partner program, which is aimed at increasing distribution of Manticore’s platform.

There are two options that partners can choose from.  First, an agency program is said to allow consultants to offer the Manticore Technology solution and associated consulting services to their customers, which will help them to generate new revenues. The agency partners will be allowed to design and execute demand generation and lead nurturing campaigns which is said to improve both the number and the quality of leads passed to sales.

Manticore is also allowing the agency to rent the Manticore marketing automation platform in three, six, or 12 month increments. Above all, the agency will receive a license to utilize Manticore Technology.

The second option is a consultant program, where marketing and sales consultants can deliver strategic services such as marketing-sales alignment, sales pipeline optimization and nurturing campaign design in conjunction with Manticore Technology. Consulting partners under this option will receive training on Manticore Technology and will also receive compensation for introducing Manticore Technology to clients.

“Manticore Technology’s Partner Program creates a win-win,” said Jeff Erramouspe, president at Manticore Technology, in a release. “The program will offer valuable services to companies in our growing customer base looking to take their marketing automation to the next level, while enabling agencies worldwide to deliver value to their customers through our unrivaled platform.”

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