Social Media Meets Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software is a natural fit to harness the power of social media and Marketo has released Marketo Sales Insight to do just that. Marketo Sales Insight is a native application that integrates data from Marketo’s existing lead management tool with’s sales force automation platform.

According to Marketo, the application is social because it allows salespeople to define a network of prospects or current customers and monitor their activity within the interface with Facebook-style “status updates.” Updates pulled from activity data include visits to pages on the corporate site, e-mail opens and collateral downloads.

The app also can check such business networks as Demandbase, Jigsaw and LinkedIn for additional information on anonymous leads, which are identified by regional or Internet domain details. The application, which adds tabs to the interface, also provides automated rankings, including “Best Bets” and “Watch” lists. Users can set up instant alerts to be notified of status changes via e-mail or text messages.

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