Marketing Automation: Rise of the Machines

Here is a fun article posted by Joel Harrison called Marketing Automation: The Rise of Machines?

Automation’ is a word that could strike fear into the minds of the average cinema-goer, back in the golden age of science fiction last century. It conjured up images of soulless robots, marching relentlessly to subjugate us under their tyrannous regime and enslave or kill us… It’s a theme that starts with Metropolis and runs right through to The Terminator and The Matrix – more recently revived by David Tennant in Doctor Who.

So when we add the word ‘automation’ to marketing, should we be fearful? Are marketers about to be replaced by a wave of sinister robots hell bent on driving response rates up and costs down? Are the days of human beings in charge of the marketing function numbered?

Unfortunately, the reality is rather more prosaic … big sighs of relief all round then. For the uninitiated, instead of replacing marketers, marketing automation is a form of technology designed to allow marketers to be more efficient in terms of time and effective in terms of outcomes. It’s about removing some of the more mind-numbing tasks and giving them the ability to be responsive to their audience in a way that would be impossible otherwise. And ultimately it allows them to deliver more of what the organization needs: good sales-ready leads.

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