Marketing Automation Meets Sales 2.0

Jep Castelein at The Connected Marketer discusses how marketing automation dovetails with concepts discussed in Sales 2.0…

Buyer Education

The automated email campaigns in Marketing Automation systems are a great tool for buyer education. Based on a lead’s profile, interests and responses you can engage in a dialog focused on knowledge transfer. Once the lead is ready to talk to a sales person, the conversation will be much more efficient, because the lead already knows a lot about the products that you’re selling.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Marketing Automation lets Sales and Marketing work together more efficiently in several ways. Lead scoring provides a mechanism to indicate when leads are ready to talk to a sales person. Rather than calling every new lead and facing a high rejection rate, a sales person can now call prospects who actually want to take the call. Lead tracking gives notifications of prospect activity. And the prospect’s activity history is available, so there is more background information to prepare for the first call.

High-Efficiency AND High-Touch

Sales 2.0 is all about productivity: how can you find and develop as many qualified leads as possible. The only way to do this is to automate. And that’s where Marketing Automation comes in. It provides Marketing with the tools to have lots of one-to-many conversations at the same time, and Sales with in-depth information on the lead’s background and activities.

Measurement of All Activities That Count

Marketing Automation linking together your email campaigns, website activity and CRM system, there is an immense amount of data available to measure marketing performance. The challenge is not data collection anymore, but figuring out which reports give you the insights that you need to further optimize your Sales and Marketing processes. In Demand Generation Metrics 101 I give an introduction to metrics-driven marketing.

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