Dukky Swims Into Marketing Automation

Example of Dukky Landing Page for Gamefly

Entrepreneur magazine recently featured a marketing platform called Dukky which promises to generate ‘viral campaigns with print, email, social media and mobile marketing platform that will increase customer response by eight times more than traditional marketing.

While it is not a pure marketing automation play, Dukky’s solution features high level campaign management, customer landing apges, viral peer sharing and real time analytics.  Within months of launching in January 2010 it has landed more than 100 clients like Chik-fil-A restaurants and Stein Mart department stores.

“This is going to be a game-changing technology,” says Richard Birt, senior vice president of customer analytics and insights at KSL Media, an agency that buys advertising for clients. “In 30 years’ time, I consider it one of the top three groundbreaking technologies in database management.”

Dukky uses a PURL with an offer on the mailer that  requires a visit to a microsite created exclusively for the individual customer. It mirrors the direct-mail campaign and is where a coupon can be found for print out. But before the payoff, the customer is required to share more information which is then collected and tracked via Dukky’s platform. The final step is to offer a way for customer to share with friends via social media.

Other direct marketers have used these tactics together but Dukky’s value proposition is having the entire platform all under one roof.

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