Manticore Technology’s New Marketing Automation Guidebook

Manticore Technology recently published a downloadable ebook called The Quintessential Marketing Automation Guidebook.  This is essentially a collection of articles by industry thought leaders.  In order to save you time, I have summarized the table of contents to see if you would be interested in learning more…

  1. Candid Letter from Sales to Marketing – Jill Konrath, Selling to Big Companies
  2. Process, People, and Content: The Keys to Success with Marketing Automation Technology – Craig Rosenberg, Focus
  3. You Need Good Technology, But… – Jeff Erramouspe, Manticore Technology
  4. Supercharge Your Demand Generation with Marketing Automation – Sue Hay, BeWhys Marketing Inc. and Cari Baldwin, Bluebird Strategies
  5. Focus on the Marketing Metrics That Matter – Andrew Gaffney, DemandGen Report
  6. Use Content Intelligence to Drive Pipeline Momentum – Ardath Albee, Marketing Interactions, Inc.
  7. Why Marketing Automation is a Must-Have For Every B2B VP of Sales – Robert Walmsley, Tailwind Strategies
  8. Conversion Stack: Marketing Automation for Performance Marketers – Brian Massy, Conversion Scientist
  9. 6 Steps to FInd Untapped Revenue in Your Marketing Database – Jep Castelein, LeadSloth
  10. A Roadmap to Marketing Automation Success – Jonathan Block, SiriusDecisions

Download the ebook here

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