Jon Miller from Marketo on Marketing Automation Podcast

Marketing Automation Podcast with Jon Miller from Marketo (Click to play or right click and “Save As” to download).

Our guest for this episode of the Marketing Automation Podcast is Jon Miller, the VP of Marketing of Marketo.  Before co-founding Marketo, Jon held positions at Epiphany, Exchange Partners, and Gemini Consulting.

The interview covers the following topics…

– Background on Marketo

– What makes Marketo different

– The biggest mistake marketers make with marketing automation

– Jon’s take on IBM’s purchase of Unica

– Jon’s new role with Marketo Demand Center

Here is an excerpt from the interview…

I see a lot of marketers who want to boil the ocean when they get started with marketing automation.  They have these grand visions of all the lead nurturing they will be doing and all the scoring they will be doing and how they are going to be transforming the lead to revenue process.  As a result of all the stuff they want to do they get into an analysis paralysis.  They end up doing white board session after white board session and hiring consultants on how to do all of these things before they deliver the first drip of value.

I think it makes so much more sense to get started.  My phrase is think big, start small and act quickly.  So have that big vision but then just do something.  Build five lead scoring rules and just get started with that.  Then tomorrow do something more.

I have been using the Marketo for 2 1/2 years and we are still evolving and adapting the system.  We are still making it better.  So it is not something you should just think of as an implementation but think of it as a journey. And what is great about that is you are going to end up in a much different place than you would have if you would have built everything up front because you are going to be learning along the way.


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