88% of Businesses Don’t Do This

According to Inc. research, having a planning process is the most robust indicator of whether your business will grow. Unfortunately, almost 88% of organizations do not utilize a planning process. 

Marketing automation has many moving parts that include planning, messaging, design and reporting.  Planning is the most important part of the process and should be a part of your business at a macro level.

Many people find the process of planning as overwhelming or takes too much time.  Anyone that is interested in business planning process should definately check out a new book by Business Strategist, Joe Calhoon called The 1 Hour Plan for Growth – How a Single Sheet of Paper Can Take Your Business to the Next Level.

The 1 Hour Plan for Growth details a proven process for business planning that takes one hour to develop and fits on a single sheet of paper. This book is a quick read filled with step-by-step exercises as well as inspiring real-life examples of successful businesses.


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