Marketing Automation Visual Map

The Marketing Automation Software Guide just published a new tool they are calling the B2B Marketing Automation Active Market Map.  This is a clever way to visually show where all the different marketing automation players stand out in the market.

I like how they have broken down the list into 5 main segments:

Leaders: Marketo, Eloqua

Focused contenders: Pardot,, Silverpop, Marketbright, Manticore

Adjacent entrants: Aprimo, Unica, Neolane

CRM gorillas: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SAP

New start-ups: LoopFuse, Genoo, eTrigue, Alsamarketing, Act On, Net-Results, LeadLife

The map is not perfect as it is missing some vendors like Infusionsoft,  RightOn Interactive, but they are planning to updating the list over time.  Overall I think it is an interesting reference of how different marketing automation companies are positioned.


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    I would consider Exact Target as more of an email service provider. They are a market leader and making great improvements to their platform but I do not consider them a marketing automation platfrom.

    If you are interested in learning more about Exact Target I can introduce you to a subject matter expert that can fill you on the pros and cons of the solution.


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    What about as an inbound automation marketing tool + CMS combined.

    Is it effective? Does it stand up to any stand alone inbound marketing tool?

    what does it compare to or where should it be on the above map?


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