Video Interview with Christopher Doran, Manticore Technology

Marketing Automation Software Guide posted a good video interview with Christopher Doran, Vice President of Marketing, Manticore Technology. Don Fornes with Software Advice conducts the interview.

Key highlights include:

  • Every Manticore customer receives a dedicated customer success manager. That person owns the account for as long as the customer remains.  Some Manticore CSM’s have MBA’s and are certified.
  • The number one mistake that company’s make in reviewing marketing automation solutoins is not thinking about the process. Companies fall inlove the idea of the technology but technology only solves a business process problem.  First solve the business process problem then find a marketing automation solution to help.
  • Service is the key to software as a service. “It’s not just software. How is this vendor going to work with you to make you successful? What kind of pieces do they have in place? How long have they been doing this? What kind of relationship do you want with your vendor? If you want someone that will sign up and take your credit card and charge you on a monthly basis, there are plenty of options out there to do that. If you’re looking at someone to act as a trusted advisor and really help you through that process, that’s one of our areas of focus and what Manticore does really well. So you have a lot of options out there, and it’s really sitting down, understanding what you want to accomplish from a business process and from a partner standpoint, and finding the right vendor to meet those needs.”
  • Marketing Operations people, like Sales Operations, are needed to make marketing automation programs more successful.
  • The interview also features Manticore Customer Success Manager, Esmaeil Khaksari.
    Manticore Customer Success Managers are involved from pre-sales to sales, training, support, and then quarterly usage analyses to uncover any problems that customers may have.
  • Manticore provides a  before and after snapshot so that customers can become a lot more successful in the eyes of their manager.
  • Sometimes customers use marketing automation platform as an email service provider,.  Manticore helps customers get more out of their platform by producing a quarterly usage analysis making sure that they have all the tools that they need and remove roadblocks.

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