Adam Blitzer from Pardot on The Marketing Automation Podcast

Our guest for this episode of the Marketing Automation Podcast is Adam Blitzer, founder and Chief Operating Officer for Pardot.

Before helping to start Pardot, Adam was a senior email marketing consultant for InterContinental Hotels Group, a consultant at Moxie Interactive, and he spent four years in Japan at an advertising agency. He is also co-author of the book Think Outside the Inbox: The B2B Marketing Automation Guide.

The interview covers the following topics…

– Why he helped to start Pardot.

– What makes Pardot different than other marketing automation solutions in the market.

– The questions that businesses should be asking when selecting a marketing automation vendor.

– The biggest mistakes that businesses make when executing a marketing automation system.

– Big trends in marketing automation.

– The importance of marketing learining  basic HTML and CSS.

– How customer satisfaction is a priority.


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    This is a great interview. Adam is a recognized thought leader in the B2B marketing automation space, so this content is really valuable. I particularly liked the section on common mistakes people make when executing a marketing automation system. We have published something on this lately, and I think there are many common issues that come up.
    I think that buyers believe when they buy the system, all their problems will be solved. However, the most important part is building a strategy that supports your use of the system. If you buy the software and you don’t know how to properly use it and get the most out of it, then you can never fully realize the potential.

    Great stuff!


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    Lauren – Great point. Purchasing a marketing automation system without a strategy is like buying a car without having any place to go. Thanks for your comment.

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