Move From the Marketing Funnel to the Marketing Hourglass

John Jantsch does an excellent job in simplifying marketing jargon for the common man and his recent blog post completely reshapes the commonly referenced ‘marketing funnel’ into a ‘marketing hourglass’.

Jantsch’s definition of marketing is ‘getting someone with a need to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you.  He has now expanded this idea to a concept he calls the ‘Marketing Hourglass’.  In addition to KNOW, LIKE, TRUST, he has added TRY, BUY, REPEAT, and REFER.

Often times marketing automation campaigns are more focused on getting new customers versus making sure existing customer are and stay happy.  Replacing customers is expensive and a happy customer is one of the greatest lead generators a company has.

Marketing automation could play a vital role in all 7 of these stages of the Marketing Hourglass. So often the difference between a thrilled customer and satisfied customer is the follow up and education provided after the sale.

He recommends that business work backwards from what the perfect customer experience would be and what touchpoints need to happen to keep them happy.

View his post here.

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