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Marketing Automation Software Industry Market Share

According to the 2011 Demand Gen Report, here are the number of customers (companies) using each of these marketing software platforms: HubSpot (4,000 customers), Eloqua (900 customers), Marketo (850), Genius (400), Pardot (350), Manticore (200), Neolane (250).

Marketing Automation Software Industry Marketshare



  1. I thought Marketo has recently announced their 1,000th customer. If that’s the case, they are second to only HubSpot (which is not really a full marketing automation company).

  2. Daniel – This chart is dated Feb 2011 so it is possible that Marketo has surpassed Eloqua. DemandGen Report is the source of data.

  3. Interesting numbers – however is Hubspot really a Marketing Automation tool in the true sense? Would say Hubspot has little in common with Marketo for example?

  4. Very clear pie chart. Thanks for the info.

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