Marketing Automation’s Biggest VC Funding Recipients

According to SoftwareAdvice, less than half of all venture capital funding for marketing automation went to 6 companies.  Here is their take on the funding…

Aprimo and Unica lead the chart by raising $76 million and $66 million, respectively. Both established pretty decent customer bases and revenues. During the past couple years, both firms had decent exit events of roughly $500 million. Neither was a home run, by VC standards, but they were the kind of double or triple that can make a fund look pretty good. I’d say the venture route worked out pretty well for these guys.

Eloqua and Marketo are the two market leaders that remain independent and they have raised $41 million and $58 million, respectively. Both of these vendors are enjoying good market momentum and have built customer bases and revenues that are on track to rival those of Aprimo and Unica. I would expect that either could be on track for a half billion exit, but both companies’ executives claim to be aiming for >$1 billion IPOs that will support a long-term, standalone company.

Siverpop and Genius have both raised significant amounts of venture capital, but it doesn’t appear that they have gained the same market momentum as Eloqua or Marketo.

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