Silent on Selection of Marketing Automation Vendor

According to sources from multiple industry sources, has selected a marketing automation company to do their internal marketing automation. The duration is for 2 years and numerous companies and organizations have signed NDAs to keep quiet.

This may explain why Marc Benioff flatly denied any selection during today’s Dreamforce Q/A session. “We have not selected a company to do internal marketing automation,” said Benioff. “We are evaluating the marketing cloud and right now we think the biggest category is social monitoring.” Salesforce purchased social monitoring company, Radian 6, earlier this year and the product was featured and demoed during the opening keynote address.

“I would also note that any one technology we choose for our business does not make a central statement of future acquisitions.”

“No one vendor is material to our business,” said Benioff. “We have multiple vendors in multiple categories and will not select one vendor for our business needs.”

Here is what we know…
– The vendor has not received an investment by Salesforce.
– The vendor does not have close ties to Salesforce.
– The vendor has high capacity for large email volumes.

My guess is the company name will come out sooner or later at the show. In the meantime we will keep our ears open.


  1. says

    Is it true that automation is the new wave of marketing? Now social intelligence, can’t the consumer ever get a break? It’s great to hear of advancement with way to go,now that’s positive sales and market research on total autopilot…

  2. Forest yule says

    As soon as the sales people see it in their SalesForce instance, it will not be a secret any longer…it will be the worst kept secret to be sure…

  3. JS says

    The Vendor is Aprimo. SFDC is not looking to use Aprimo as the basis for the marketing cloud. Given the failure of re-writing epiphany on the platform, one might think SFDC is not going to acquire and plug a vendor in this space.


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