Salesforce Using Eloqua for Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Times has confirmed that has selected Eloqua for marketing automation.  Neither Salesforce or Eloqua would confirm or deny this information as numerous companies and organizations have signed NDAs preventing comment.

In a previous post we reported at Dreamforce 2011 that sources from multiple marketing automation companies indicated had selected a marketing automation company to do their internal marketing automation.  According these sources it is a 2 year deal and numerous companies and organizations have signed NDAs to keep quiet.

“We have not selected a company to do internal marketing automation,” said Marc Benioff in press conference earlier this week.  “I would also note that any one technology we choose for our business does not make a central statement about future acquisitions.”

What is more interesting is who was not selected for the project.  Hubspot had received $100 million investment from Salesforce earlier this year and there are other partner that have provided more robust integration with Salesforce.

What is more interesting is who has not been asked to the dance.  The vendor is NOT expected or have investment by Salesforce (Hubspot).  The vendor needs to have high capacity for email volumes.

“No one vendor is material to our business,” said Benioff. “We have multiple vendors in multiple categories and will not select one vendor for our business needs.”

Even with the selection of Eloqua there is plenty of business and growth for other marketing automation companies.  One size does not fit all and each player can win by creating marketing ROI for their customers.


  1. Thomas says

    This is quite interesting, especially with Eloqua set to go public… but correct me if I’m wrong, but I think HubSpot raised a round of funding ~25-30m. I also remember reading that Google was also an investor. Assuming a 50/50 split, that’s $15m from SFDC, not $100.
    That’s a huge difference.


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