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Jeff Pedowitz

At Dreamforce 2011 we had a chance to catch up with Jeff Pedowitz, President and CEO of The Pedowitz Group.  Jeff has 20 years of experience leading successful B2C and B2B organizations and he frequently writes and speaks on a variety of topics related to demand generation, Web 2.0, and marketing.  Prior to founding The Pedowitz Group, Jeff served as vice president of professional services for Eloqua.

During our interview Jeff gave us his take on what makes The Pedowitz Group different and how a marketing automation organization must be staffed to achieve great results…

The Pedowitz Group is a Revenue Marketing Agency that helps companies connect marketing to revenue.  We do that buy successfully integrating people, process and technology.  There are five things that make us different:

  1. Technology Agnostic.  We have expertise on a number of platforms, including Marketo, Oracle, Eloqua, Aprimo, Silverpop and Genius.
  2. Experience.  We have worked with over 800 clients in the past 4 years, more than 2x our nearest competitor.
  3. Pay for Performance and Service Guarantee.  We are the only Agency that offers a pay for performance program.  We stand by our work and guarantee results or you don’t pay.
  4. Approach.  We manage all of our clients on the Revenue Marketing™ Journey, a path from Traditional Marketing to Revenue Marketing.  Our SAM™ methodology is unique in that all projects and engagements are managed to produce a monetary result.  We are a results-driven organization that works with our clients to monetize their revenue marketing programs.
  5. Revenue Marketing Outsourcing.  We are the only Agency that outsources Revenue Marketing programs to produce a repeatable, predictable and sustainable revenue result.

The great thing about marketing automation is that the technology can be a catalyst for change in any company when you automate something that has been done manually.  However, false expectations can be created when companies think the platform alone will cause revenue to go through the roof.

In order for marketing automation to make a revenue impact, the marketing organization must transform into a Revenue Marketing department, responsible for connecting revenue back to marketing.  Here are the five positions with roles and responsibilities that must be staffed to become a high performance Revenue Marketing Department.

1)  VP of Revenue Marketing – “We need to drive more than brand and awareness.  Marketing must drive qualified leads and create synergy with Sales, which requires Executive sponsorship.”  This position will manage a lead funnel and will be able to envision effective campaigns with all of the necessary elements.  They must have a deep understanding of their market and their buyers.  The ability to read prospects online behavior and effectively create campaigns for pipeline and revenue impact are key competencies.

2)  Business Analyst – “Someone who consistently analyzes metrics and asks strategic questions about sales data and social media.”

3)  Content Manager – “This person manages all the content and develops processes to fully leverage white papers, webinars, campaigns, etc.

4)  Metrics Expert- “Their sole focus should be financial data.  How much have we spent on campaigns?  What is the return, lifetime value of the customer?  This data is pulled from the marketing automation system on weekly basis and forwarded to the VP of Revenue Marketing.”

5) Power User – “This person is an expert on using the marketing automation platform.”

For many companies this investment in human capital is a big commitment, which is often why clients hire The Pedowitz Group.  They get all five of these roles when we engage in a project.

A Revenue Marketing department can be built internally, but the key questions to ask are Is this part of your core competency? Do you feel like you can handle this?  Do you want to be good at this?  Can you be good at this? And finally, do you have the budget for this?Add an Image


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