Dan McDade of PointClear on The Marketing Automation Podcast

Dan McDade, PointClearOur guest for this episode of the Marketing Automation Podcast is Dan McDade, President and CEO of PointClear.

Dan founded PointClear in 1997 with the mission to be the first and best company providing prospect development services to business-to-business companies with complex sales processes.  In addition to serving as president and CEO of PointClear, Dan is the author of The Truth About Leads, a book that helps focus B2B lead-generation efforts, align sales and marketing organizations and drive revenue.


This interview covers the following topics.

  • How PointClear bridges the gap between marketing sales with response management, lead qualification and lead nurturing services.
  • Using multi touch marketing to enhance the marketing automation process.
  • When should an organization outsource outbound lead qualification.
  • What it takes to educate your prospect development associates on complex business products and processes.
  • How to staff outbound lead generation efforts.
  • The biggest mistake most companies make in their phone qualification efforts.

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