Marketo’s Small Business ‘Spark’

Earlier this month Marketo launched a marketing automation suite designed for small businesses called Spark. ┬áStarting at $750 per month this appears to be Marketo’s answer to less expensive competitors like Pardot, Genius, and Hubspot.

Spark is built on the same technology platform that runs Marketo’s 1,300 customers and features include…

Email Marketing: Spark enables users to create reusable email templates and other creative assets, and to send automatically triggered and batch email campaigns on behalf of specific sales representatives.

Inbound Marketing: Spark improves campaign results with search engine optimization, targeted landing pages and tools to help understand which keywords are driving the best traffic and leads.

Lead Nurturing: Automates multi-step marketing programs to build relationships with prospects over time using targeted, consistent communications.

Lead Scoring and Insights: Spark empowers users to score leads accurately and automatically using prospect demographics and online behavior, pointing sales people toward the hottest opportunities.

Social Media: Spark allows users to build optimized landing pages and forms with social sharing buttons (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), track all prospect interactions online without IT involvement and identify key influencers in social networks.

Event Marketing: Through integration with Adobe Connect, ON24, WebEx and other major webinar and online-meeting providers, Spark automates every step of organizing, creating and managing online events.

“Millions of small businesses don’t have the time or technology needed to truly spark rapid growth. The things that really grow their business – like marketing efficiently and finding solid leads – never move off their to-do lists,” said Phil Fernandez, CEO and president, Marketo. “Spark is built just for smaller organizations. We wanted to empower these emerging businesses with the one tool they’ll need to drive revenue – and access to marketing expertise – to give them the freedom to get back to what’s most important: running their businesses.”

View the Spark by Marketo Video Overview here.

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