Infusionsoft Acquires CustomerHub

Infusionsoft announced it acquired CustomerHub, a web-based application that provides a membership site and customer portal platform to small businesses who market and sell content online. The financials of the deal were not disclosed and this is Infusionsoft’s first acquisition.

Designed specifically to work with Infusionsoft, CustomerHub is one of the top apps in the Infusionsoft marketplace.

CustomerHub integrates with Infusionsoft’s sales and marketing software to allow small businesses to easily deliver protected content to paying customers and automate the subscription and collections process. CustomerHub also allows small businesses to share free protected content by integrating with marketing campaigns. The service starts at $59 a month.

“Membership sites are growing in popularity as marketers shift their content delivery channels from physical media, like DVDs and binders, to online membership sites which are easier to manage and more profitable to operate,” says Infusionsoft CEO and Co-founder Clate Mask. “Membership site tools are the way of the future as small businesses look to generate high-quality leads, as well as monetize content and establish recurring revenue streams.”

Both companies are based in Arizona and CustomerHub’s five employees, including Founders Kyle and Nathan Leavitt, will be moving to the Infusionsoft headquarters.  More than 7,500 small businesses use Infusionsoft’s sales and marketing software that combines CRM, email marketing and e-commerce with automation to nurture and convert leads, grow sales and save time.

To read more about the deal you can read posts on the Infusionsoft and CustomerHub blogs.

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