Marketing Automation Times on ‘Leveraging Marketing Automation’ Webinar

Jason Kort from Marketing Automation Times appeared on Talk With The Experts webinar entitled Leveraging Marketing Automation.  Also featured on the podcast was David Raab, Principal of Raab Associates Inc and Tony Tissot, Senior Director of Marketing at eTrigue.

Jason Kort on the definition of marketing automation and CRM – “CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management which is really another way to say customer database management.  The goal of a CRM solution is to give a 360 degree view of the customer for everyone in a company.    This allows management, salespeople, customer service and others to access basic customer information, learn what products they have purchased, manage customer issues, and so on.  Some of the larger players include, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP.

A marketing automation platform can be used by itself or integrate with a CRM to provide an entire marketing suite that helps manage a database of leads, prospects or customers.  Typical features offered by most marketing automation solutions are lead scoring, email marketing, landing page builders, visitor analytics, and reporting.

Because most CRMs don’t offer this kind of marketing functionality you typically see companies integrate their CRM with a marketing automation platform to get the combined benefits.”

David Raab on the role of marketing automation – “A CRM system is typically used by individual sales people or customer service agents who are having one on one interactions with with individual customers.  They are focused on primarily existing customers and prospects.  A marketing automation system usually is used by the marketing department, versus sales and customer service.  In a business to business world it is focused on the first stage of the life cycle of how do I generate new leads and how do I nurture them before they are ready to be handed to the Sales team.”

Tony Tissot on integration of marketing automation and CRM –  “We believe that marketing automation and CRM should be integrated together so that the sales team can see what is happening in real time.  We use marketing automation and CRM together quite successfully.  Sales folks can go into their CRM and evoke an action out of the marketing automation system to do something.”

Click here to view the webinar.

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