Citrix Improves Webinar Integration with Marketing Automation Partners

Anyone who has ever planned a webinar knows what a pain it can be to feed back attendee behavior into their CRM or marketing automation solution.   EloquaHubSpot, Pardot, and Marketo have joined Citrix’s “GoTo” Cloud Connector to help make that problem go away.

GoToWebinar customers can now automatically feed attendance data from their webinars into the these platforms. This Cloud Connector eliminates the need to manually import registration, attendance and time-on-webinar data, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing error. Lead nurturing a It also makes it possible for marketers to trigger follow-up messaging based on attendance information, and incorporate the information in lead nurturing and lead scoring programs.
“Revenue Performance Management is all about gaining one view of the truth,” said Eloqua Chief Technology Officer Steven Woods. “Webinars are a highly important means to engage and educate buyers, leading them through the buying process. By integrating with GoToWebinar, customers can get the most out of both platforms and get a single view of buyer behavior.”
“Webinars are clearly an important part of online marketing,” said Adam Blitzer, Co-Founder & COO, Pardot. “But like any other activity, if its not built into a company’s overall marketing automation initiative, the value of webinars is diminished. By integrating with the top webinar solutions, we’re ensuring that event data is clearly factored into marketing plans and campaigns. We’re also giving clients the freedom to choose a webinar system that is best for them.”
“Marketo’s deep integration with Citrix’s GoToWebinar showcases our commitment to supporting our customers as they push for the greatest possible efficiency in executing online events, which represent a large portion of marketing spend,” said John Gibbon, vice president of product management at Marketo. “Expanding Marketo’s solution partnerships is a top priority. Whether it’s event management, ERP, CRM or social business technologies, our integration innovations ensure our customers are maximizing marketing’s contribution to the bottom line.”

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