Things to Know Before A Marketing Automation Demo

Marketing Automation Checklist

The folks at Capterra have been shopping for marketing automation software and have documented some of their findings.  Based on their learnings, here are the most common questions asked by vendors prior to the first marketing automation demo.

  • How many contacts do you have in your database? (The majority of Marketing Automation vendors base their initial pricing off of this number, so make sure you have this right)
  • What is your monthly web traffic?
  • How many new leads do you typically generate in a month?
  • What are your main channels/methods for generating those leads? (PPC? Social Media? Email Marketing? Display Ads? Webinars/Live Events? Etc.)
  • What’s your average conversion rate for new leads?
  • How do you currently measure or track those conversions?
  • How many emails do you send in an average month?
  • What’s the average open rate for your emails? What about click-throughs?
  • What CRM software do you use?
  • Do you host virtual events? If so, what web-conferencing software do you use?
  • What demographic information indicates a good lead for your company? (Job titles? Geography? Company Size? Annual Revenue?)
  • How do you currently qualify leads? (In other words, what signals to a sales person whether a particular lead is worth targeting or proactively pitching?)
  • How do you pass leads over to your sales team once they are qualified?
  • What does your sales team do with those leads? How do they sort them out and prioritize follow-up? (I will stress: the more you understand about your sales team’s day-to-day processes, the better you’ll be able to evaluate Marketing Automation solutions and how they would fit with your existing workflow. It’s better to find a system that fits instead of trying to recreate your whole company’s work model. That would just lead to a lot of headaches and make your life more difficult, which is definitely not the point of MA!)
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