Robert Pease from LoopFuse on The Marketing Automation Podcast

Robert Pease from LoopFuseOur guest for this episode of the Marketing Automation Podcast is Robert Pease, Vice President of Marketing for LoopFuse.

Robert leads all marketing activities at LoopFuse and was most recently the Vice President of Marketing for Seattle-based Gist which was acquired by Research In Motion in February 2011. His past experience includes senior marketing and business development positions at MessageGate, Orchestria, and nuBridges as well as advisory roles with a variety of technology companies.

This interview covers the following topics.

  • What differentiates LoopFuse from other marketing automation vendors.
  • How LoopFuse have evolved from an Open Source model.
  • The biggest challenge facing the marketing automation industry.
Some excerpts…
  • Loopfuse started in 2007 so we have a relatively mature and strong product platform that does all the things that marketing automation needs to do.  We have made ourselves unique in the market in terms of our focus on small to mid market businesses so we are not targeting the highest end of the market like Eloqua and Marketo.  
  • And also we have been focused on removing the friction to allow people to check out marketing automation to see if it works for them.  We have a completely free version of the platform that is free to use as long as you like.  We have paid versions that start at $450 per month which is at a lower price than many other solutions on the market.
  • The profile of the marketing automation power user at this stage is someone that is a little more technical.  The marketing discipline as a whole is becoming more quantitative, more analytical and more technical.
  • What LoopFuse allows you to do is to stick your toe in the water and get a feel for our features and how this could work for your company.  Ultimately we want you to upgrade to a paid account.


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