LeadLife Launches Free Funnel Fixer

LeadLife Solutions has launched a free website visitor tracking tool called Funnel Fixer. The free tool captures information about website visitors browsing your site, including detailed information on pages viewed.  Much like Hubspot’s Marketing Grader or LoopFuse freemium offers this is designed to give marketers a sample of the product features.

“Many businesses are still struggling with lead and opportunity visibility – their websites are great marketing tools, but they’re also something of a black hole that doesn’t reveal who is visiting and why,” said Lisa Cramer, President and Co-founder of LeadLife. “Funnel Fixer not only identifies who is coming to your site, it also tracks their digital behavior so you know what products, services and demos have their attention and for how long.”

Funnel Fixer’s highlights include:

· Visitor Insights™ – Companies will know who’s browsing their sites, even if visitors don’t fill out a form. Detailed page tracking includes time spent on pages, search words used, referring URLs, company information and auto-links to Jigsaw and LinkedIn. Daily emails with visitor detail are pushed to company users’ inboxes.

· Prospect Interests™ – Links all previous anonymous digital behavior to a prospect once they fill out a form on your website. This sales intelligence is sent to your company’s inboxes on a daily basis. As a result, it is possible to tailor sales and marketing messages to the unique needs of each qualified prospect.

· Buying Signs™ Outlook Add-in – Improves close rates at the bottom of the sales funnel by giving sales reps real-time alerts when prospects are reviewing information sent to them. Users that send emails via Microsoft Outlook receive detailed tracking on prospects’ opens, clicks, which web pages they viewed, and more.

“LeadLife’s Funnel Fixer has closed the gaps on our website that allowed qualified prospects to slip through our fingers,” said Ben Howerton, CEO of Point Dynamics, LLC. “We now have the ability to identify who is looking at our website, what they are interested in, and when they are reviewing sales and marketing materials.”

Click here to check out the Funnel Fixer tool.


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