Marketo Expands Social Offering

Marketo Social Marketing AnalyticsAt the Marketo Summit 2012 the company expanded it’s social media functionality with two new products, Marketo Social Boost and Marketo Social Promotions, as part of a new Marketo Social Marketing suite.  These are the first products to come out of the Crowd Factory acquisition in 2011.

“I think there’s a tremendous pent-up hunger to take social marketing out of the silo and to bring it into the mainstream,” said Marketo President and CEO, Phil Fernandez.

“Up until now, social marketing has been a matter of, ‘Let’s push some messages at these people,” explained Marketo senior vice president of product marketing and corporate development Sanjay Dholakia. For a brand to post around its Facebook page doesn’t make the most of the network’s potential, he said, because new customers aren’t prone to hanging out on a brand’s page. “Where we’re spending time is on our own feeds,” he said. “What you really want is to capitalize on the time people spend on the peer-to-peer. How do I make every campaign social?” That’s what Social Boost is meant to address.

“The painter’s palette has been expanded,” Dholakia said. “I have an expanded set of campaigns” — sweepstakes, surveys, flash deals and the like — “and as a marketer I can point and click” to deploy them. As far as analytics are concerned, he asserted, “What we’ve cracked the code in… [is] we can track the full, closed loop.” That means tracking conversions and shares, identifying influencers, pinpointing “win-ready, close-ready leads,” incorporating behavioral data and feeding it all back into the campaign’s data to optimize, he explained. Whereas that process had previously been unwieldy — “You’ve got sales people spending time on things they shouldn’t be spending time on,” he said — the automation leverages the “artificial intelligence of the system instead of manual.”

Social Boost adds social lift to campaigns to expand reach and increase engagement.

  • Social apps including video sharing, reviews, ratings, polls and more.
  • Social forms that let users sign in with LinkedIn or Twitter credentials.
  • Engaging user experience, making it easy for prospects to share your message across their networks.
  • Easily deploy on landing pages, websites, emails, Facebook pages, paid ads and other channels.
  • Capture new sales leads as well as social profile and sharing data on existing leads.

Social Promotions provide prospects custom promotions to spread your message virally across multiple social networks.

  • Marketo Social PromotionsSocial promotions include sweepstakes, referrals, group offers and contests.
  • You control the message, you decide what data to capture, you choose the incentive.
  • Capture new leads as well as social profile and sharing data on existing leads.
  • Leverages drag and drop interface right out of the box.

Other features include Social Marketing Automation, Social Sales Insight, Social Analytics.  The ultimate goal is to find key influencers and get them to share brand promotions and content with their own networks.   Automation helps deploy and analyze those campaigns quickly, so marketers can have ample time to do marketing rather than poring over data.

Click here to read more about the entire Marketo Social Marketing Suite.


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