Interview with Jeff Erramouspe

Jeff ErramouspeFormer Manticore Technology President, Jeff Erramouspe, left the marketing automation company in April 2012 and his responsibilities had been assumed by Manticore’s founder, Nick Walker.  That was until last week’s announcement of a merger between Manticore Technology and Sales Engine International, a B2B integrated marketing and sales acceleration company.  Now Walker is moving to the CTO role and Paul Rafferty, Founder and CEO of Sales Engine International, is running the ship.

Paul Walker hired Erramouspe in March of 2009 after meeting in Erramouspe’s University of Texas class on entrepreneurship.  We caught up with Jeff Erramouspe prior to the merger announcement to learn more about his departure from Manticore and future plans.

At Manticore I was hired to take on all non product related issues so that Nick could focus more on product development.  We grew the business year over year and met the vast majority of our business objectives.

Manticore is completely self funded and grown organically.  There is a ton of cash floating out there in the marketing automation space and sometimes it was tough to compete.  There were many reasons we did not take on additional funding.  Sometimes it was the right money but we did not feel we wanted to lose control.  Sometimes it was just not a good fit.

We decided to back off sales and marketing and reinvested into product development.  The current product version came out in Q1 2012 and has a new interface, new wizards, new landing page editor, and a broad set of features.  Once it was released Nick and I made a mutual decision for me to leave after we felt that product and sales were in a good place.  Companies evolve and things change.

One thing I learned over the last couple years was what works and doesn’t work in B2B marketing.  I learned through our customers and partners and I am a big believer in content marketing and marketing automation.  I believe that marketing content is important throughout the entire business process.  

I think there are some gaps that marketing automation software lacks from a content perspective.  Many companies define personas, look at buying stages and do content audit but it stays in a drawer.  I see the need for a living roadmap for content marketers on what decisions they make.  This helps to identify what new content do I need and is it being distributed right.

Everyone believes that content is the right way to engage buyers but people are struggling with how to develop it. I want to help solve that problem.  Moving forward I have already picked up some consulting clients and look to do more consulting work.

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