Interview with Bryan Brown from Silverpop

Recently we caught up with Bryan Brown, Director of Product Strategy, Silverpop.

Silverpop just announced the results of its 2012 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study which looks at email marketing metrics on 1,124 brands in 12 different verticals, such as Travel and Leisure, Retail, etc.

What makes Silverpop different than other marketing automation software providers?
Silverpop is the only digital marketing technology provider that unifies marketing automation, email, mobile and social into a solution that gives marketers the ability to leverage customer behavior to drive revenue. Silverpop Engage provides the widest set of capabilities on top of its automation offerings and is built to serve companies with a marketing department staffed with one person or 100. The product is the most complete in the marketplace while also being the least complicated to use.

You recently acquired CoreMotives which is a Microsoft Dynamics marketing automation solution. You also are releaseing a Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration for Engage. Explain how these two solutions will work together.
The CoreMotives product and the integration with Engage are two completely different products and serve two different types of marketers. The CoreMotives solution operates completely within Microsoft Dynamics, whereas the Silverpop/Microsoft Dynamics integration will be in Engage. For Microsoft Dynamics CRM marketers that need to deliver sophisticated, one-to-one campaigns but lack the time and resources to learn a new application, the CoreMotives solution is a perfect fit. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration for Engage will be designed for marketers with large databases, more sophisticated campaigns and higher email volumes. With both the CoreMotives and Engage offerings, Silverpop will provide marketers with the industry’s most comprehensive set of tools supporting Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Other than Microsoft Dynamics and, are there other CRM integrations you have or will be working on in the future?
We are always listening to our customers and prospects and what their needs are as marketers. If more CRM integrations are what make sense for that audience, we will certainly take that under consideration.

Adobe recognized Silverpop as Digital Marketing Platform Partner of the Year. Tell us more about your partnership with Adobe.
We were honored and thrilled to receive Adobe’s Digital Marketing Platform Partner of the Year award this year. The award recognizes top performing partners who drove joint opportunities for both companies, achieved remarkable year-over-year growth and aligned to develop and deliver innovative solutions to mutual end clients.
Silverpop and Adobe are both focused on helping marketers deliver relevant, targeted messages to customers at the precise time they want it. We work together to do this in the most effective way possible, which is especially beneficial for our enterprise-level customers running extremely complex campaigns, reaching a large number of individuals in a personalized manner.

I saw you recently achieved 50% growth in Q1 of 2012. What do you attribute this growth and what size of companies are you adding? SMB or Enterprise?
Our growth can definitely be attributed to our technology—we truly provide a unified digital marketing platform. We are in a great position to help our clients deliver game-changing marketing campaigns and to help them engage with each recipient in their database in a relevant and personal way.

Our story and vision are really resonating in the marketplace and we continue to see a balanced mix of SMBs and enterprise level clients. We also are continuing to see a good mix of B2B and B2C customers, with 56 percent of our new customers in 2011 classifying as B2B brands.

What’s your outlook for the marketing automation industry in 2012 and beyond?
All marketers will continue to seek ways to be more targeted and personalized in their messages. Whether they are B2B, B2C or a mix of both, automation will continue to play an increasingly important role in marketers’ day-to-day roles.
As the marketer’s needs continue to be more complex, marketing automation technologies will need to evolve along with this. As this evolution occurs, companies that claim to be marketing automation providers—but only have a few automation capabilities—will lag behind the small group of companies who offer true marketing automation platforms.

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