Infusionsoft: Interview with Greg Head

Interview with Greg Head from Infusionsoft

Greg Head from InfusionsoftAt Dreamforce 2012 we caught up with Greg Head, Chief Marketing Officer at Infustionsoft:

Earlier in the year at our Infusioncon Conference we announced and delivered a major new release of our software. We filled out more of the marketing features to be closer to the lead generation side of things.

We sell to true small businesses.  85% of our customers have 2 – 25 employees and most are owner operated. In the US there are 28 million small businesses and 22 million of those are solopreneurs; most of which are not trying to create a large enterprise.  They are good contractors, consultants, that live by their relationships and their network.

There are about 5 million businesses that have 2 – 25 employees and we only have 10,000 of them as customers so it is an exciting opportunity for us.  We get them when they have outgrown the first tools they started with like Constant Contact and they are trying to tie everything together.  Unlike everyone else, we are not trying to go after the mid market and we are happy selling to small businesses.

50% of our customers sell online and one third of our customer’s use our ecommerce solution so we really don’t have a direct competitor.  People just grow out of solutions. creates a lot of business for us because it is just a database unless you do some customizations, integrations and editions upgrades.  Pretty quickly you are at $2000 per month plus the IT to support the tool.

We require all customers to purchase a training package at kick off to ensure their long term success.  The life cycle strategy lets us map out your stuff to find out what will bring the most business in the quickest time possible.  You need to determine what holes there are in your funnel and for a lot of small businesses, time is a bigger problem than revenue.

Infusionsoft has over 300 employees, is growing at 50 percent a year, and we will bring in $40 million in sales this year.  Our new building in Chandler, Arizona will be completed in December and there is a special culture that is different, focused, and fun.  It’s all about helping small businesses succeed.



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