Debbie Qaqish and Jim Lenskold on The Marketing Automation Podcast

Our guests for this episode of the Marketing Automation Podcast are Debbie Qaqish, Chief Revenue Marketing Officer and Principal Partner of The Pedowitz Group and Jim Lenskold, President of Lenskold Group.

Debbie has have over 30 years of experience in B2B marketing and was voted #10 in SLMA’s Top 50 Most Influential in Sales Lead Management in 2011.

Jim Lenskold is President and Founder for Lenskold Group, and is author of, “Marketing ROI, The Path to Campaign, Customer and Corporate Profitability.”

This interview covers the following topics:

  • What motivated The Pedowitz Group and Lenskold Group to conduct 2012 Marketing Effectiveness Study.
  • Research methodology and the characteristics of ‘effective marketers’.
  • Why marketing automation users were stronger in terms of all outcomes: lead quantity, lead quality, average deal size.
  • Marketing automation users see a big revenue jump when they use marketing automation and measure ROI.
  • Increasing revenue is not about a single thing, like marketing automation.  It is a holistic approach that includes executive alignment, sales alignment, process, and goals.
  • 50% of marketers surveyed with marketing automation had CRM integration, 18% had marketing automation without integration and the rest had no solution.
  • The value to Sales of Marketing transforming from cost center to a revenue center.

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