MarketingPilot Acquired by Microsoft

MarketingPilot Logo
Microsoft has purchased MarketingPilot for an undisclosed sum and brings the tech giant into the marketing automation space.  MarketingPilot provides Integrated Marketing Management solutions that allow organizations to better understand their customers, manage and streamline marketing operations and create automated and measurable multi-channel marketing campaigns.

According to Microsoft  “the acquisition will accelerate our ability to better meet the needs of CMO’s through rich business intelligence, and better enable marketers to successfully plan, execute, monitor, and optimize customer interactions across digital, social and traditional channels, and measure ROI.”

This follows and other CRM vendors that have been adding features that allow business to manage content, marketing campaigns and customer engagement from a single platform. The MarketingPilot purchase is being handled throughMicrosoft’s Dynamics CRM, which could mean customers will soon see marketing automation modules be natively integrated in the platform. There is also an opportunity for marketing automation to come to SharePoint.

Oracle, Microsoft and IBM now own many of the components to create their own Salesforce-like offering. However, none of the companies has put the components together in an easy to use, subscription-based package. If Microsoft decides to move in that direction, they could eventually provide a fair amount of competition to Salesforce in the small and medium business sector because of their well established position in the market.

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