Richard April on The Marketing Automation Podcast

Our guest for this episode of the Marketing Automation Podcast is Richard April, Vice President of Marketing for AG Salesworks.

Richard’s experience as a marketing executive spans over 20 years at start-ups, early stage and established companies in the security, storage, software, networking hardware, and computer industries.  Prior to working at AG Salesworks, Richard held VP of Marketing roles at companies like COPAN Systems (who were an AG Salesworks client), Permessa Corp., Ipswitch, and Cyber-Ark Software (also an AG Salesworks client).

The interview covers the following topics:

  • How to find the right person or people to talk with in the early stage lead qualification process.
  • His user experience of both Act-On and Hubspot.
  • Best practices for lead nurturing campaigns.
  • Common telemarketing mistakes.

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