LoopFuse Merges with Nearstream

NearstreamLoopFuse has announced a merger with Nearstream, a provider of social engagement software.  The combined company to be called Nearstream offers an integrated customer engagement and automated marketing platform spanning web, email, and social.

Nearstream uses social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to identify and engage based on buyer intent.   LoopFuse provides traditional marketing automation services like website visitor tracking, email lead nurturing, lead scoring, CRM integration, and conversion analysis.

Nearstream is based in Seattle, Washington and LoopFuse operations will continue in Atlanta, Georgia with the products being offered under their respective brands with further integration planned.  Robert Pease will lead the company as CEO along with CTO Bradley Young. LoopFuse CEO Sean Dwyer joins the Nearstream board of directors.

“Social media is an increasingly important part of B2B marketing, ” said Sean Dwyer, CEO of LoopFuse.  “Combining LoopFuse’s marketing automation platform with Nearstream’s social engagement capabilities gives marketers a true end-to-end marketing system for today and the future.”

“Nearstream helps find someone that is signaling for help on social media and drives them to landing page for lead capture,” said Robert Pease, CEO of Nearstream.  “Social media engagement solutions started with brand or sentiment analysis and that evolved to social for support.  We now see that people are going social for sales which is more difficult to track and manage. ”

Nearstream is designed to score signals that are the best possible candidates for demand.  Unlike traditional social marketing programs, Nearstream helps to find people that are actually interested in beginning a conversation.  It starts with a social campaign and intent or demand expressions.  As the user sees results they take actions on the results which helps to teach the software as content and context of message is revealed.

“Marketo purchased Crowd Factory which allows you to push stuff out there to bring you back.  Let’s do a contest on Facebook and bring them back to our marketing automation platform,” said Robert Pease. “Nearstream is not about quantity but quality.  This is not about sending thousand of messages a day.”

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