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G2Web Screen ShotA new way to research marketing automation and other business software has launched called G2 Crowd.  The site uses crowd sourced reviews to evaluate business software to provide better information than current research providers.  We sat down to with Matt Gorniak, Co-founder and COO of G2 Crowd, to learn more.

Why did you start G2 Crowd?

We wanted to build a trusted site for business software reviews.  We wanted to disrupt the traditional way that analyst world works today.  Gartner is an example of an organization that was a good model in the 1980’s but it no longer works.

We want to consumerize the buyer experience and Tech Crunch has called us the Yelp for enterprise software.

Before this company I was SVP of Business Software for BigMachines.   I would sell projects to large customers like GE and Symantec and they struggled with the decision process.  It would take 3 months to get a short list of vendors and even more time to make decision.  Often times there would be 5 – 10 people involved in the decision process.

Contrast that to the consumer evaluation experience that takes place on sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor.  We believe this going to happen in the business application space.

Why is the current model broken?

Look at Gartner, they have tremendous relationships with the vendors that they cover.  We know that there is a correlation between the Magic Quadrant and the data presented.  Customers are beginning to doubt the data and small businesses can’t afford to access to the research.

As an analyst you cannot keep track of all the technology.  The biggest flaw is that they don’t use the software on a day to day basis.  We think there are some good analysts out there but even with the best intentions they cannot keep up.


How do you rank the solutions?

The G2 Grid which is based on product strength and vendor strength.

Product strength is 80% based on peer reviews and our goal is to make sure they are authentic, unbiased, and transparent.  LinkedIn integration shows their profile.  Anonymous posts are known by G2 but private.  There is an incentive to show a public profile an logic built into system prevents competitor and employee from posting.

Vendor strength is inputs that come up from social networks like howmany employees you have on LinkedIn and Google Trend Analytics on the products you sell.

We don’t take money from vendors and anyone is welcome to enter the database.


What do you have to say to the marketing automation space?

I believe that we can accelerate the buying cycle for customers.  Often times companies start with a CRM and we can help the decision making process.

The MA market is unique in that it depends on the application and the vendor.  There is not just one way to set these systems up and our experience model helps to measure if they provide good service.    New entrants are coming on and sometimes it can be hard to see what will upset the market.


What makes you qualified to be the trusted source for business software reviews?

We put $2M of our own money in this company.  I was a part owner of Big Machines and grew it to 275 people and we have a great team that we have pulled together.

This is a $2 trillion industry and if we can make 10% of the industry more productive that is $200 billion in revenue.  Gartner gets $2 billion of it alone.

We started in July 2012 and launched our public beta on February 20th, 2013.  In that short of time we have 10,000 reviews and 2,000 users.  We look forward to growing our base of reviews and becoming more relevant every day.


Click here to see what G2 Crowd has to say about marketing automation.

Are you using using Marketing Automation?  Submit your review on G2 Crowd.


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    Not sure if you’ve gone to the site lately, but G2 Crowd now has more than 15,000 software reviews over several thousand products in many different categories.

    Funny how time flies; it seems like this Q&A with Matt was done just yesterday!

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