Infusionsoft Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Small Business


InfusionCon 2013 Entrance

Marketed as ‘The Sales and Marketing Event for Small Business”, Infusionsoft hosted their annual InfusionCon 2013 conference on March 27 – 29 in Scottsdale, Arizona at the Westin Kierland hotel and resort.

“Our first event was September 2006 and we had 30 people in a room above our offices,” said Infusionsoft CEO Clate Mask.  “This year we have over 2,000 people and I see this small business celebration getting larger as there is something bigger than Infusionsoft that is happening in entrepreneurship today.”


It’s All About The Customer

Casey Graham Founder of The Rocket Company

Casey Graham Founder of The Rocket Company and Ultimate Marketer winner

A consistent show theme was how much Infusionsoft has changed the lives of it’s customers.  This was displayed in a contest called ‘The Ultimate Marketer’ that featured 3 Infusionsoft customers and their performance after using the software.  Some of the metrics evaluated were ‘annual revenue’, ‘leads/list size’, and ‘customers’.  Our favorite metric was ‘vacation days per year’ which shows the unique personal perspective of the small business market that they serve.

The Rocket Company from Cumming, GA took first prize in the Ultimate Marketer Event after seeing annual revenue jump from $220K to $2.1M during a 2 year period of time.  “The software helped us automate, Infusionsoft (the company) helped us dominate,” said The Rocket Company founder Casey Graham.  “Their coaching on top of the software is more valuable than just the software.  We don’t look at them as a software company.  We look at Infusionsoft as a small business success company.”

Another Ultimate Marker finalist, Dustin S. Burleson D.D.S., had the same experience with his Kansas City, MO Burleson Orthodontics practice.  “Our growth has been 600% since we started using Infusionsoft in 2009 and patient to patient referrals have quadrupled,” said Dr. Burleson.  “There is nothing we have asked for that cannot be done.  If we want every kid in our practice to get a caramel apple after their braces come off and have it automatically ship to their house, we can do that with Infusionsoft.”

Ironically many customers recommended and cited using an Infusionsoft Certified Partner for implementation.  This seems like a bit of a contradiction since Infusionsoft prides its software as ‘easy to use’.   These partners were recognized at a Partner Event dinner where a VAR called Information Street won a new Camero after selling over 100 licenses in a sales contest.

This was the first year for a Battle of the Apps Contest and AppointmentCore won for best app.  AppointmentCore helps to automate the scheduling process and provides realtime availability from Infusionsoft calendar, Google Calendar, and soon, Outook.  Other nominees included Zapier, PlusThis, and Maven Analytics.


Feature Enhancements in the Spring Release

Chief product officer Richard Tripp unveiled the the Spring Release which proved to be  more evolutionary versus revolutionary but should make the app easier to use.  Highlights included:

  • ‘My Day’ sales productivity tool to make it easier to organize tasks, create quotes and manage sales activities.
  • GroSocial social campaigns on Facebook.  This can now be accessed via Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder
  • ‘Marketplace’ that includes a library of free, pre-built marketing campaigns.  This may be one of the best ideas shown and Instead of starting from scratch; customers can download a campaign to their Infusionsoft app, personalize it and publish.
  • New Interactive Training and Tutorials

Some customers were hoping a better Quickbooks integration would be announced but that was not the case.  “We have tried a couple of times before but have not delivered it well,” said Clate Mask in an interview Marketing Automation Times.  “It is growing in frustration in my mind (and our customers)  that we have not done it yet and I know it will come.  I believe it may get solved in our App Community but if that does not happen this year then I see us doing it in 2014.


Speaker Highlights

Jay Baer at InfusionCon 2013

Jay Baer speaks at InfusionCon 2013

Speakers include Daymond John, founder of FUBU and investor on ABC’s Shark Tank, and David Allen, author of the bestseller Getting Things Done.  Daymond John’s presentation featured a DJ spinning hits from his past and present to help tell the story of his rags to riches story.  David Allen’s presentation was a disappointment for anyone that has already read his book, Getting Things Done, as it felt like we were watching Cliffs Notes on stage.

While John and Allen may be more well known, the most interesting and value packed speech was given by Jay Baer, President of Convince & Convert and co-Author of The NOW Revolution.  His presentation focused on how good content can create customers. “We need more information because we have more information.  All the info you need to make a good decision are in the palm of your hands,” said Baer.

Baer gave frank advice and appealed to the audience to ‘worry less about selling better and worry more about teaching better’.  Great real life content examples backed up his points that were pitch perfect for small biz owners. Baer reminded the audience, ‘Content is fire, social media is gasoline’.

A memorable part of the show took place at a private after hours party where some Infusionsoft Executive Team members formed a ‘garage band’ and played music for the guests.  During the show the ‘InfusoBand’ was joined by a special guest, Jason Scheff, lead singer for Chicago.  Scheff is a loyal Infusionsoft customer and gave a nice plug for his love of the product which was sweet music to the ears of everyone in the room.


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    Jason, thanks for this coverage of our conference and our product. We were glad to have you–I enjoyed the rich discussion on where the world of sales and marketing, and small business is going. I appreciate all your coverage of the marketing automation space.

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