The Pedowitz Group Sues Jeff Ogden

Jeff Pedowitz versus Jeff OgdenThe ongoing marketing automation consultant drama between Jeff Pedowitz and Jeff Ogden entered a new stage as Ogden published an apology on his blog on April 14, 2013.

Over the past 70 days or so, I’ve said some less than flattering comments about my former employer, the revenue marketing firm, The Pedowitz Group, a relationship which ended on January 30th. Unfortunately, I allowed frustration and disappointment to cloud my judgement.

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly apologize to the leadership of that company for my egregious behavior – especially I wish to apologize to Jeff Pedowitz.  There’s no excuse for my behavior. I assure you it will never happen again. I withdraw any comments I made in anger. I know they read this blog, so I want to make this public.

Click here to read the entire apology.

One can only assume the apology was a result of a lawsuit filed on March 15, 2013 by  The Pedowitz Group  against Jeff Ogden (Ogden) and Find New Customers (FNC).  The complaint includes multiple counts of common law trademark infringement, unfair competition, breach of contract, breach of confidentiality agreement, tortious interference with contract, and defamation – seeking injunctive relief and damages, as well as enhanced damages.

TPG alleges that it interviewed Ogden for a Senior Account Manager position in December 2012 and entered into an employement contract with Ogden on December 14, with his employment commencing on January 2, 2013.  According to the complaint, Ogden’s contract included a one-year non-compete provision, and upon reporting to work he gained access to confidential information, trade secrets, and other proprietary information of TPG.

The Ogden relationship terminated on January 29, 2013, and through FNC, according to the complaint, Ogden began making “false and libelous statements” regarding plaintiffs on FNC website and using TPG marks.  A cease and desist demand letter of February 21, 2013 drew no response, FNC states.

According to our industry sources, this is not the first time that Ogden has had choice words for others in the industry.


  1. says

    Thanks for sharing this. I have also put a very compelling offer on the table to get this settled. And I have no idea what you mean by this statement “According to our industry sources, this is not first time Ogden has has choice words for others in the industry.’ Excuse me?

  2. says

    FYI. I have tried my very best to reach a mutually agreeable accommodation with them. I negotiated in good faith. I have publicly apologized too,

    Yet this $10 million company insists on picking on a tiny little insignificant firm.

    It seems crazy.

  3. Mark says

    Jeff Ogden incurred an almost identical experience a few years ago when he was hired as a marketer at Aplicor in early January 2010, fired by the end of the month, and then went on a rampage badmouthing Aplicor and its executives for months. Clearly, Jeff has a problem.

  4. says

    Please note that Aplicor hired a new CEO who contacted Jeff Ogden and returned his property, which is what Ogden always wanted. So there’s no bad blood whatsoever with Aplicor. Sorry, Mark.

    The Pedowitz case is completely without merit and, while I clearly made mistakes, I look forward to ending this silly and pointless witch hunt.

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