Act-On Customer Review from US Fleet Tracking

Sam SimsSam Sims is Director of Marketing and PR at US Fleet Tracking and is a current Act-On customer.  We got a chance to sit down with him to learn more about his experience with Act-On.

Why did you decide to purchase a marketing automation system?

We had good research data from our website about our users but there was nothing that would let us take immediate action on that data.  I started seeing what other colleagues were using and researched marketing automation. We looked at a variety of marketing automation vendors and for the most part, everyone was offering the same basic services.

What it came down to for me was how the company interacted with me personally.  That goes to the core of our business in how we deal with our customers.  I initially started looking at another marketing automation company and was moments away from signing up with them.  However they turned up the heat with signing a contract and seemed more focused on getting the sale than what was going on with my business.  I am in the marketing field so there are times when projects supersede other things.  The folks at Act-On understood that and really tried to come up with solutions that can help me.

There is no contract with Act-On and that rings true to me as it is the same business model as our business.  Our product will stand on it’s own two feet and will garner more business if it is based on it’s merits.  That is in line with what Act-On is doing.


How was the implementation process?

I was amazed at how smooth it was.  It seems like the onboarding process can be daunting with our clients.  What do you educate your client on in order for them to take advantage of the system?

Act-On did a great job of getting us plugged in so that we could gather some initial  data.   I created myself as a potential client and watched my profile build in Act-On.  I watched other website visitors and their behavior which led me down a process to be a more savvy as a marketer.

There was someone on the phone that helps you step by step.  I want to build a landing page, I want to upload my landing page and they were there every step of the way.  It helped me dive into the program without diving into the deep end of the pool.

We use and it is integrated with Act-On  which has made our Sales Team more efficient.


What results have you seen?

Act-On analytics led to our Black Friday campaign  which gave our clients a new way to connect with us.  We gave a discount on one of our GPS products and created a landing page and form where we would call them back on Cyber Monday.  The majority of people purchased 5 items.  We generated $30,000 profit on a campaign that lasted one week.  That one campaign took care of all the time and money to implement Act-On.


What advice would you give for others looking for a marketing automation system?

Understand your marketing automation strategy before you purchase.  What business objectives do those strategies impact.  How does this impact your internal processes?  Do you have enough people to take care of the people contacting you?  Then you can go with the fun part of selelcting a marketing automation company and the tactics that go along with the solution.

If a marketing automation company sells marketing automation then they should be savvy themselves.  If you feel a misstep then they likely do not understand the process.

The cold calling sales model is dying so we as marketers have to be smart about how we take our messages to audiences.  Marketing automation gives us a much deeper understanding of what customer want.


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    Act-On is a very good software. I will add that is the case for even small business with little resources. Their support and customer service is top notch as well.

    I am not associated with them in anyway.

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