Snubs Eloqua on the AppExchange

EloquaEloqua has gone missing from’s AppExchange.  The AppExhange is where partners display their solutions to the customer community and the removal of Eloqua is not surprising given the very public rivalry between CEO, Mark Benioff, and Oracle CEO, Larry Ellison.

Eloqua maintains that the relationship with Salesforce will remain strong and Oracle’s roadmap for Eloqua shows continued support for and Microsoft CRM applications.

The same does not seem to be true on the Salesforce side of the equation.  Eloqua is no longer listed on the Salesforce AppExchange where other marketing automation companies like Marketo, Hubspot, Silverpop and Act-On.  Eloqua has also been missing at key Salesforce events and does not appear in the Dreamforce 2013 sponsor page.  In 2012 Eloqua was a major Dreamforce sponsor and their booth and brand was seen throughout the show.

Recently Marketo was not seen on the AppExchange.  Some have speculated that this was punishment for negative comments directed at Salesforce by Marketo CEO, Phil Hernandez in a recent article.  “We have never been that good of friends,” Fernandez said in the interview. “The number of leads that have come to us from in our history is minimal.”

The message to partners is clear.  Stay loyal or be banished from the kingdom.

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  1. Tim Curtis says

    While Marketo was briefly removed from AppExchange, appears to have reversed course as Marketo is once again publicly listed. It’s widely known that Marketo has a 5-year history of being selected the as the “Best Overall Marketing Solution” by customers and that the delisting was angrily received by scores of customers. Both Eloqua and Marketo have best-of-breed capabilities and separate themselves from the rest of the pack in terms of enterprise capabilities. A word of caution, however, for Your customers are loyal fans of your product but the continued drama needs to stop. Just a few years ago SAP thought they had the corner on the market. The welfare of your customers should outweigh the importance of CEO’s egos.

  2. says

    What concerns me most about this childish behavior is how the vendors are not even taking into account how this impacts the customers. This behavior may have worked in 1994 when it was Microsoft vs. Apple vs. Oracle. Today, not so much.

    By locking out platforms it freezes innovation and forces customers to choose substandard solutions for their needs. If platforms and markets are truly open, the customers will find and choose the best one. If Eloqua isn’t the best Solution and ExactTarget is, customers will figure that out on their own. Without the openness it seems Salesforce is SCARED to compete on the merits of INNOVATION.

    Customers will (usually) choose the best platforms that allow them to compete in their respective markets. Instead, Salesforce is taking a defensive siege-mentality approach instead of investing in efforts to grow their platform with incredible innovation.

    All Hail to The Customer.
    -Brian Hansford
    Tw. @RemarkMarketing

  3. says

    I agree that the behavior being exhibited is childish. Marketo disappeared from the AppExchange, and then suddenly reappeared. Now Eloqua is gone, probably due to a feud between and Eloqua’s acquiring company, Oracle.

    As the ranks of independent marketing automation platforms continues to shrink (Bye-bye Aprimo, Pardot, and Neolane.), the decks will continue to shuffle as allegiances ebb and flow.

    Jeff Ogden, the Fearless Competitor
    Creator and Host of Marketing Made Simple TV “TV on the Web”


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