SalesFUSION Releases Tighter CRM Integration

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 10.15.08 AMSalesFUSION recently released a new version of its software that improves CRM integration with Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, SugarCRM, Sage, and SalesLogix.  SalesFUSION 8.0 also enhances prospect nurturing, sales enablement and event management tools.

“People want to find a better way to engage with the people that interact with campaigns. Often it is the Salespeople that are the biggest fans of our product,” said Kevin Miller, CMO of SalesFUSION. “Our perfect customer is a B2B mid market company with a CRM in place hat may have been using some basic tools and are looking to for a full blown platform.”

thumb_visual_designKey platform enhancements include:

  • Visual Nurture Designer – Allows users to build nurture marketing campaigns in a visual flow designer that ties sales and marketing actions together into a single integrated solution.
  • Schedule Me – Prospects responding to any outbound or inbound marketing campaign can schedule a meeting through the new ScheduleMe tool; scheduled meetings then appear in the sales rep’s dashboard within the CRM and their calendar tool.
  • CRM Call-Down – A quick view of all campaign responses by campaign type, date, lead sources, assignment.
  • Event Wizard  – Online event management wizard, is pre-integrated with both Citrix and WebEx in such a manner that users build their webinars directly inside of SalesFUSION.

The Atlanta, GA based company has several hundred clients including Hitachi, Coverall, Avanade and Green Giant.


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